Customer Survey


Please share your experience with us. Tell us what you think.

First Impressions

Were you promptly greeted by the host/hostess?
Was the greeting friendly and professional?
Were you seated promptly?

If No, approximately how many minutes did you wait before you were seated?


Was your Server friendly and patient when taking your order?
Was your Server attentive and available when you needed him/her?
Was your Server knowledgeable and able to answer your questions?
Did your Server check back with you during the course of your visit?
Overall, were you satisfied with the service provided to you by your Server?


ExcellentGoodAverageBelow averagePoor
How would you rate the food temperature of your meal?
How would you rate the quality of your meal?
How would you rate the presentation of your meal?
Was your meal delivered to you in a timely fashion?
Overall, were you satisfied with the food provided to you by our culinary team?

Overall Experience

ExcellentGoodAverageBelow AveragePoor
How would you rate the cleanliness of our facilities?
How would you rate the overall atmosphere?
Considering everything, was your experience a good value?
Highly SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNeutralSomewhat DissatisfiedHighly Dissatisfied
How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with us?
How likely is it that you would recommend the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange to a friend or colleague?